Tulang Diot Island

A crystal white sandy beach, on the island of Camotes, is a hidden paradise, where land, sea, and sky meet. This piece of paradise refreshes the mind, revitalizes the body, and uplifts the spirit.

Its serenity and rustic atmosphere make it so special among other beaches on the island. This little island has now a small restaurant where you can order some foods and cold drinks.

Cottages, tables, and chairs are available for rental. Many people go there overnight in the tent. There is nothing more special at night time when you lie on the beach and watch the stars.

Boat fare (back & forth ): Php 40/head
Environmental fee: Php 20
*Fees may change

Lake Danao is an eight-shape lake, abundant in tilapia fish, nipa palms used for roofing, and the soli-soli grass use by local artisans for weaving varieties of handicrafts such as mats, handbags, and other souvenir items for sale in the market and tourists.

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. You can do the zipline, boat paddling, trip to the little island, and more.

How to get there?
A car, motorbike (or habal-habal), multicab or a tricycle.

Entrance fee: Php 15/head
Parking fee: Php 20
*Fees may change

Lake Danao Park

Santiago Beach

A white sand beach with a long shoreline, one of the famous beaches in Camotes, Santiago Beach.
It is ideal for a family with kids since its shore is shallow, great for swimming and playing. Perfect for everybody!

A beach is a great place for prenup pictorials, overnight sleeping with a tent,  picnic, and many more to mentions.

Small restaurants along the beach offer delicious food and drinks at a reasonable price.  The tables are set outside on the beach, which means, you can enjoy your food with your feet on the sand, listening to waves, and looking at the sunset.

*Entrance fee: FREE

A mini-beautiful waterfall in Tudela has nice clear-refreshing water, great for swimming to cool off your body. Ideal for picnic because of a nice environment, cooler place during summertime.

The depth of the pool is around 8 to 10 feet deep, jumping off into the water is allowed and safe. Just make sure you know how to swim 🙂

How to get there?
A car, motorbike (or habal-habal), multicab, or a tricycle.

Entrance fee: Php 10/head
*Fee may change

Busay Falls


Mangodlong Paradise – has an infinity pool, beautifully landscaped gardens, and its own beach area. A nice open-air restaurant serves Filipino-Chinese cuisine. 

Mangodlong Rock Beach – has a nice white sand beach, octopus slide for kids, a restaurant, a small swimming pool, and a few cottage huts. The rock that floats above the seawater is a highlight of the place. The resort offers fun and exciting beach or water activities like snorkeling, kayak, wind sail, boat, and diving.

Ocean Heaven Resort – is a newly opened resort with a 24-hour front desk. It has a restaurant that overlooks the swimming pool with slides and a garden.

*Mangodlong Rock Beach Entrance Fee: Php 20/head
*Ocean Heaven Resort – Swimming pool fee:  Adult – Php 130/head & Kids – Php 65/head

A prominent cave is home to a number of stalactites and stalagmites. The sunlight gives life to the cave from its roof opening that allows light to enter.

Its knee-deep water looks like a crystal clear pool inside. The cave remains undeveloped except for steps that lead down.

Entrance fee: Php 20/head
*Fee may change

Bukilat Cave

Buho Rock

Buho rock –  is a coral rock shaped like a small ship docked at a port, located in Poro.  It is popular for locals and tourists because of a cliff diving site at a height of approximately 50ft.

To reach the panoramic view, you need to walk to steep stairs. Aside from diving, swimming, and snorkeling, you can also enjoy drinking and eating since there are cottages and a seating area on the top.

On the resort is also a small swimming pool.

Entrance fee: Php 20/head,
Php 10/head (kids)
*Fee may change

Timubo cave is in the middle of the farm where corn and other crops are grown. The entrance to the cave is a small hole on the ground. Concrete steps with a handrail are built, you should be extra careful when you go inside the cave because it is still a bit dark even though there are lights. Otherwise, it is a satisfaction when you see the crystal clear water and dip in.

Entrance fee: Php 20/head
*Fee may change.

Timubo Cave