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Homa Resort & Spa
Bellavista Mare - Santiago
Ana Jean Lodging House
AJ Residences and Apartelle
Sunset View Beach House
Pitos Sutokil Resort
Keith Pension House


Lake Danao Park
Zipline at Lake Danao
Tulang Diot Island
Timubo Cave
Santiago Beach
Bukilat Cave
Buho Rock - Cliff Diving
Mangodlong Rock
Busay Falls


Jomalia Ferry at Consuelo Port
Oceanjet at Poro Port
Jeepney for Hire
Tricycle for Hire
Habal-habal for Hire


Pizzeria at Aladin White Beach
Mangodlong Paradise Restaurant
BBQ at Agora Market
Don Mimi's Restobar


2BR Modern House
Homa Resort and Spa
Sunset View Beach House
Aladin White Beach Resort


The fastest way to get to Camotes Island is via Jomalia fastcraft from Mactan Cebu which takes an hour and 10 minutes, followed by Oceanjet fastcraft which takes an hour and 30 minutes.
Jomalia fastcraft from Mactan to Camotes Islands at Consuelo Port where the popular beach resorts are, while the Oceanjet lands at Poro Port, approximately 30minutes away.
Another option is to drive or ride a north-bound bus to Danao Port (1.5 – 2 hours north from Cebu City) and take the Jomalia ferry boat for another 2 hours going to the island. It can transport both passenger and vehicles.
Jomalia Shipping has everyday trips from Ormoc to Camotes Islands at Jagutapay Port which takes 2 hours. The ship will stop at the port of Pilar which is also part of Camotes Islands. It can transport both passenger and vehicles.
Camotes Ferry Services has everyday trips from Ormoc to Camotes Islands at Jagutapay Port which takes an hour and 30 minutes.

However, it is recommended: hepatitis A and B.
You should be vaccinated for the first time at least one month before leaving because you need to get another dose of the vaccine after one month.

YES. Here is safe for the visitors of our island and of course most of the other islands, tourist places, sights and countryside.

NO, many of them do not even exist on the islands or do not work or are without money.
When withdrawing from ATM, you lose almost 7-10%; 240 pesos every withdraw, then another bank will take you, and you will lose because of the poor exchange rate every withdraw.
If you already need to withdraw money from an ATM, take the maximum amount – 10,000 pesos, because the ATM will take you 240 pesos each time you withdraw.

YES and NO
Yes in 4, 5 star hotels in Cebu City, and of course in malls.
NO. Almost nowhere on the islands and in the province with the locals. Make sure you have cash.